Math Foundational Services are designed to provide district level staff with information and tools as they work to develop, improve and align their mathematics curriculum.  Training sessions will contain components to prepare participants to be able to:

  • Analyze and explain the components of the ISBE Model Math Resources (Unit Maps and Scope and Sequences)
  • Describe and analyze the balanced assessment suite (purposes of the varied assessment formats)
  • Create and analyze real-world problems using the problem-solving structures described in the Illinois Learning Standards
  • Describe connections between assessments and lessons
  • Articulate the characteristics and goals of the Illinois Learning Standards.
  • Articulate the characteristics and goals of the PARCC assessment.
  • Apply the EQuIP rubric to evaluate a lesson or unit.
  • Learn state-level expectations and available support for the Illinois Learning Standards of Mathematics

Foundational-Services Overview (with notes) (to be part of each training ) (***updated 8-3-16***)

Foundational Services – COLOR Infographic

Informational Sheet for Math **Updated 11-16-16**


MONTHLY AREA COORDINATOR CALLS for Math are the 3rd Thursday of every month at 4:00 PM. Please add this recurring meeting to your FY16 calendar and plan to participate each month. AC Math listserv for Foundational Services =



**Updated 10-19-16**

The purpose of Networking for Implementation sessions is to provide participants an opportunity for deeper discussion around shared experiences and expertise for the purpose of implementing approved content in the seven Foundational Services areas.  The Networking for Implementation opportunities are based on specific objectives as determined by identified needs for further implementation discussions and/or exploration of the resources along with sharing.

Networking for Implementation sessions may include one or all of the following objectives for participants within a focus topic:

  • Examine a focus topic in depth to support implementation
  • Share impacts, successes, and lessons learned related to the implementation of the focus topic by facilitator(s) and participants
  • Ask and collaboratively address questions and challenges related to the implementation of the focus topic

Networking for Implementation Guidance Document and Facilitator Considerations

Networking for Implementation ppt


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Materials have been jointly developed and/or approved by the Illinois State Board of Education.






Math Core Planning Team 1-4-17
Math CORE – lead FA Gregg Murphy
Math CORE – Content Heather Brown
Math CORE – Content Dana Cartier
Math CORE – Content Jeanine Sheppard
Math CORE Suzy Dees
Math ISBE Angelique Hamilton
Math I-STEM Jill Schauland
Math Area Coordinators 1-4-17
Math 1C Jennie Winters
Math 1C Jan Lenci
Math 2 Mary O’Malley O’
Math 2 Ken Jaeke
Math 2 Susan Uram susan uram <>
Math 2 Molly Hickerson
Math 2 Kimberly Hartweg
Math 2 James Olsen
Math 2 Shellie Kamminga
Math 3 Martha Mitchell
Math 3 Trish Guinee
Math 4 Polly Hill
Math 5 Linda Bartlett
Math 5 Annemarie Garcia
Math 5 Marybeth McCormick
Math 6 Shelli Hubler
Math 6 Pam Walden
Math 6 Dr. Sherri Snider
Math 6 Denise Brown
Math 6 Heather Sunny
Math 6 Ashley Launius
Math North Cook Kristen Clegg
Math North Cook Carrie Schurr
Math North Cook Melissa Llano
Math West Cook Carmen Avalos
Math West Cook Neal Weisman
Math South Cook Sharon Rak
Math Service Providers as of 2-6-17
Math South Cook Tim Laba
Math South Cook Ashley Thompson
Math Area 1C ROE # 31
Math Area 1C ROE # 34 Jennie Winters
Math Area 1C ROE#34 Sandy Simonis
Math Area 1C ROE # 56&24 Jan Lenci
Math Area 1C ROE # 56&24 Sharon Rak
Math Area 1C ROE # 56&24 Maggie Dickow
Math AREA 2 – ROE 4-16-44 Susan Uram susan uram <>
Math AREA 2 – ROE 4-16-44 Shellie Kamminga
Math AREA 2 – ROE 4-16-44 Ruth King
Math AREA 2 – ROE 8 Mary O’Malley o’
Math AREA 2 – ROE 8 Erin Jordan
Math AREA 2 – ROE 28 Dara Carr
Math AREA 2 – ROE 28 Molly Hickerson
Math AREA 2 – ROE 35 Emory Burdette
Math AREA 2 – ROE 47 Anji Garza
Math AREA 2 – ROE 47 Jennifer Freeman
Math AREA 2 – ROE 49 Nancy Galbraith
Math AREA 2 – ROE 49 Ken Jaeke
Math Area 3 ROE #1 Evie Morrison
Math Area 3 ROE #1 Sharla Heightman
Math Area 3 ROE #26 Beth Shryock
Math Area 3 ROE #26 Martha Mitchell
Math Area 3 ROE #48 Kim Glow
Math Area 3              ROE #48 Cindy Dollman
Math Area 3 ROE #51 Patty Williams
Math Area 3 ROE #53 Trish Guinee
Math Area 3 ROE #53 Marlo Willett
Math Area 4 ROE #9 Polly Hill
Math Area 4 ROE #9 Leslie Knicl
Math Area 4 ROE #11 Amber Donnel
Math Area 4 ROE #11 Carla Bridwell
Math Area 4 ROE #17 Chris Hammer
Math Area 4 ROE #17 Amy Roehrig
Math Area 4 ROE #32 Katie Deny
Math Area 4 ROE #54 Aubrey Carpenter
Math Area 4 ROE #54 Nicole Zaayer
Math Area 5 ROE #3 Bonnie Mayer
Math Area 5 ROE #3 Michelle Schaal
Math Area 5 ROE #3 Rachel Schaal
Math Area 5 ROE #10 Dr. Joyce Bishop
Math Area 5 ROE #45 Judith McDermott
Math Area 5 ROE #45 Marybeth McCormick
Math Area 5 ROE #45 Julie Tiemann
Math Area 5 ROE #45 Dwight Lochhead
Math Area 5 ROE #45 Richard McDermott
Math Area 5 ROE #45 Melissa Wiegand
Math Area 5 ROE #50 Linda Yagge
Math Area 6 ROE #12 Dr. Sherri Snider
Math Area 6 ROE #13 David Kassner
Math Area 6 ROE #13 Shelli Hubler
Math Area 6 ROE #13 Tammy Kuper
Math Area 6 ROE #20 covered by ROE 12
Math Area 6 ROE #21 Heather Sunny
Math Area 6 ROE #21 Ashley Launius
Math Area 6 ROE #30 Pam Walden
Math Area 6 ROE #30 Kelly Koberstein

This program is fully (100%) funded with federal grant dollars.

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