Foundational Services Providers

Content and Materials:

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Balanced Assessment

Continuous Improvement


Family Engagement



Teacher Evaluation



September 28, 2017 recorded webinar explaining updates to Service Tracker for Foundational Services 2.0

Service Tracker User Manual


Recorded webinar explaining Foundational Services 2.0 and how to enter data and collect evaluations for these differentiated FS offerings

Documents to accommodate expanded Foundational Services topics:

Foundational Services 1.0 Routing Form (download and print a copy)

Schedule a Training for FS 1.0

Foundational Services 2.0 Routing Form (download and print a copy)

Schedule a Training for FS 2.0


ROE/ISC evaluation reports/evidence of completion:

August 17, 2016 recorded webinar for Actual Attendance Entry and Required Forms  – link

FY 17 Foundational Services Actual Attendance and Required Forms – handout

Directions for Printing Evidence of Completion forms for Foundational Services Reports – handout



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Foundational Services 2.0 evaluation request link

Balanced Assessment evaluation request link

Continuous Improvement evaluation request link

ELA evaluation request link

Family Engagement evaluation request link

Math evaluation request link

Science evaluation request link

Teacher Evaluation evaluation request link

Need help with your evaluation? e-mail [email protected]

Service Provider area wide training calendar (train-the trainer sessions for designated ROE/ISC staff)

This program is fully (100%) funded with federal grant dollars.