Continuous Improvement

CIP Foundational Services will provide districts with an understanding of the process needed to set, plan for, and reach district goals for the betterment of their students, teachers, and community.

Foundational-Services Overview (with notes) (optional ) 

Foundational Services – COLOR Infographic 

Materials for ISBE Continuous Improvement Planning/Needs Assessments through Foundational Services

CIP Foundational Services Provider listserv= [email protected]

Informal Needs Assessment  – Participants will identify the current professional development focus in their district, the district’s top three professional development goals, the areas in which the district could benefit from assistance, and the Foundational Services offerings that meet the district’s CIP needs.  ROE/ISC staff are available to set up an appointment for a 30 minute meeting (with district/school leaders/Professional Development decision makers) to determine how these Foundational Services can benefit your district at little to no cost to the district.

Materials to deliver training to SPs:

Materials on the seven Foundational Services topic areas:


Continuous Improvement Planning Participants will engage in a dialogue using a variety of data lenses, apply a root cause analysis to examine data, set measurable targets and goals based on data, create implementation plans to achieve those goals, and monitor the plan.  ***Coming Soon***

Using Rising Star (RS) for Continuous Improvement Planning – Participants will apply key RS terms & concepts, access RS district/school dashboards, navigate the RS tool, engage in a dialogue using a variety of data lenses, apply a root cause analysis to examine data, conduct highly effective meetings, access indicators for compliance and benchmarking, create a plan for a selected indicator, monitor the progress of the plan, forms for accountability (if required), and utilize RS reports.



The purpose of Networking for Implementation sessions is to provide participants an opportunity for deeper discussion around shared experiences and expertise for the purpose of implementing approved content in the approved Foundational Services areas.  The Networking for Implementation opportunities are based on specific objectives as determined by identified needs for further implementation discussions and/or exploration of the resources along with sharing.

Networking for Implementation sessions may include one or all of the following objectives for participants within a focus topic:

  • Examine a focus topic in depth to support implementation
  • Share impacts, successes, and lessons learned related to the implementation of the focus topic by facilitator(s) and participants
  • Ask and collaboratively address questions and challenges related to the implementation of the focus topic

Networking for Implementation Guidance Document and Facilitator Considerations

Networking for Implementation ppt


2015 NCLB Conference presentation materials — could be used in a Networking session

Posters For Carousel Activity


Technical Assistance – Also available, through email or phone, is Technical Assistance from knowledgeable service providers to answer procedural and access questions.

Contact Information

Foundational Services CIP Core Planning Team Members
CIP CORE – lead FA Linda Oshita [email protected]
CIP CORE Jay Linksman [email protected]
CIP CORE Suzy Dees [email protected]
CIP CORE – ISBE Donna Flowers [email protected]

This program is fully (100%) funded with federal grant dollars.