Teacher Evaluation

Foundational Services in Teacher Evaluation is designed for district staff and teams who will receive training on different growth models and implementing the student growth component, rules and regulations for Joint Committees, the legislative options for districts, and the three types of assessments available when making student growth calculations.  

Foundational Services Overview (with notes) (to be part of each training ) (***updated 8-3-16***)

Foundational Services – COLOR Infographic (*Updated 6-19-16**)

Informational Sheet for Teacher Evaluation **Updated 9-19-16**


MONTHLY AREA COORDINATOR CALLS for Teacher Evaluation are the 1st Tuesday of every month at 3:45 PM. sciencefs@iarss.org AC listserv for TeacherEvaluation = teacherevalfs@iarss.org



**Updated 10-19-16**

The purpose of Networking for Implementation sessions is to provide participants an opportunity for deeper discussion around shared experiences and expertise for the purpose of implementing approved content in the seven Foundational Services areas.  The Networking for Implementation opportunities are based on specific objectives as determined by identified needs for further implementation discussions and/or exploration of the resources along with sharing.

Networking for Implementation sessions may include one or all of the following objectives for participants within a focus topic:

  • Examine a focus topic in depth to support implementation
  • Share impacts, successes, and lessons learned related to the implementation of the focus topic by facilitator(s) and participants
  • Ask and collaboratively address questions and challenges related to the implementation of the focus topic

Networking for Implementation Guidance Document and Facilitator Considerations

Networking for Implementation ppt


These modules were developed to be delivered in the order listed below and can be combined as needed.  Due to feedback from PEAC, ACs, and SPs, we have updated modules 1-3 to include specific language regarding teacher evaluation and special populations of students. This is the document that indicates the modifications to modules 1-3 and where this language already occurs in Modules 1-6   Changes in TE Modules related to Special Populations  

Teacher Evaluation: Module: 1- Rules and Regulations  Participants will demonstrate knowledge of Section 50.110 Student Growth Components of the Illinois Administrative Code Part 50.

Teacher Evaluation: Module 2: Joint Committee Participants will identify steps and critical questions for the Joint Committee to consider as the school district prepares for full PERA implementation.

Teacher Evaluation: Module 3: Student Learner Objectives  Participants will demonstrate knowledge of the SLO process based on training materials developed by the Illinois State Board of Education Assessment Division. This collection includes resources supporting the Student Learning Objective (SLO) process.

Teacher Evaluation: Module 4: Measurement Models Participants will demonstrate knowledge of the measurement models (adaptive conditional status, gain based, and multi-variate) and supporting materials.

Teacher Evaluation: Module 5: State Model Participants will explain the difference between the State Model and district-created model, articulate the requirements of the State Model and when a district needs to utilize different components, and determine which model is best for a district.

Teacher Evaluation: Module 6: Summative Rating  Participants will explain how the performance evaluation rating is calculated in the State Model, use a matrix to calculate sample ratings, and determine a summative rating using weights that are not 50% growth.


Teacher Evaluation Core Planning Team 6-26-17
TE CORE – lead FA Mark Klaisner mklaisner@west40.org
TE CORE – lead FA Shannon Ferholz/JV sfehrholz@roe51.k12.il.us
TE CORE – ISBE Vince Camille vcamille@isbe.net
TE CORE – Design Team Jodi Scott jscott@roe33.net
TE CORE – Design Team Jennifer Garrison jgarrison501@gmail.com
Fiscal Bruce Brown bbrown@ncisc.org
TE CORE Suzy Dees sdees@isbe.net
TE Area Coordinators 1-4-17
TE 1 Cheryl Quinn quinn3387@sbcglobal.net
TE 1 Annette Moore annettemoore@comcast.net
TE 2 Jody Ware billjodyware@hughes.net
TE 2 Deb Taber deb.taber@riroe.com
TE 3 Jodi Scott jscott@hmwroe27.com
TE 3 Debbie Niederhauser dniederhauser@roe1.net
TE 4 Jeri Callaway jcallaway@roe54.org
TE 4 Jennifer Edmonds jenniferedmonds@ymail.com
TE 5 Chelle Beck beckc@u40gw.effingham.k12.il.us
TE 5 Jennifer Seachrist seachris@u40gw.effingham.k12.il.us
TE 6 Dr. Lori James-Gross ljgross@up140.org
TE 6 Melanie Andrews mandrews@roe25.net
TE North Cook Alison Stein astein@sd735.org
TE North Cook Sue Schultz saflanagan@comcast.net
TE South Cook Kathleen Doyle kdoyle@s-cook.org
TE West 40 ISC Angela Mooney amooney@west40.org
TE West 40 ISC Cathy Berlinger-Gustafson cbgustafsn@cs.com
TE Service Providers as of 1-4-17
TE Area 1 ROE #19 Maggie Brewner maggiebrewner@yahoo.com
TE Area 1 ROE #19 Jean Baldikowski jeanbaldi@aol.com
TE Area 1 ROE #19 Susan Schwicardi sschwicardi@dupage.k12.il.us
TE Area 1 ROE #19 Adrienne Johnson ajteaches@gmail.com
TE Area 1c ROE # 56&24 Jan Lenci blenci19@sbcglobal.net
TE Area 1c ROE # 56&24 Jim Harvey jharvey@pdaonline.org
TE Area 1 ROE #31 Annette Moore annettemoore@comcast.net
TE Area 1 ROE #31 Lynn Glaser lynnglaser@sbcglobal.net
TE Area 1 ROE #31 Cheryl Quinn quinn3387@sbcglobal.net
TE Area 1 ROE #34 Shay McCorkle smccorkle@lake.roe34.org
TE Area 1 ROE #34 Jennie Winters jwinters@lake.roe34.org
TE Area 1 ROE #34 Bud Pulaski jpulaski70@gmail.com
TE Area 1 ROE #34 Janet Elenbogen Jelenbogen1@aol.com
AREA 2 – ROE 4-16-44 Jody Ware billjodyware@hughes.net
TE AREA 2 – ROE 4-16-44 Stefanie Hill shill@gkschools.org
TE AREA 2 – ROE 8 Deb Keith debrakeith@msn.com
TE AREA 2 – ROE 8 Steve Herkert sherkert@roe8.com
TE AREA 2 – ROE 28 Dara Carr dcarr@bhsroe.org
TE AREA 2 – ROE 28 Molly Hickerson mhickerson@bhsroe.org
TE AREA 2 – ROE 35 Carodeane Armstrong carmstrong@roe35.org
TE AREA 2 – ROE 35 Dave Mathis dmathis@roe35.org
TE AREA 2 – ROE 47 Anji Garza agarza@roe47.org
TE AREA 2 – ROE 47 Terry Schuster tschuster@roe47.org
TE AREA 2 – ROE 49 Deb Taber Deb.Taber@riroe.com
TE AREA 2 – ROE 49 Nancy Galbraith nancy.galbraith@riroe.com
TE Area 3 ROE #1 Paul Saunders psaunders@roe1.net
TE Area 3 ROE #1 Debbie Niederhauser dniederhauser@roe1.net
TE Area 3 ROE #26 Pam Vancil vancil@bushnell.net
TE Area 3              ROE #26 Bill Pumo bpumo@roe26.net
TE Area 3 ROE #33 Jodi Scott jscott@roe33.net
TE Area 3 ROE #48 Cindy Dollman cdollman@peoriaroe.org
TE Area 3 ROE #48 Kim Glow kglow@peoriaroe.org
TE Area 3 ROE #51 Kathy Crum kjcrum@sps186.org
TE Area 3 ROE #51 Laurie McWard lauriem.mcward@gmail.com
TE Area 3 ROE #53 Liz Ozog eozog@wcsea.us
TE Area 3              Extra Jessica Crawford jcrawford@roe1.net
TE Area 3              Extra Jamie Hobrock jhobrock@triopiacusd27.org
TE Area 4 ROE #9-54 Margie Jobe margiejobe@hotmail.com
TE Area 4 ROE #9-54 Jim Owens owensj@gowestville.org
TE Area 4 ROE #9-54 Eva Cornwell ecornwell@roe54.org
TE Area 4 ROE #11 Katie O’Dell kodell@roe11.org
TE Area 4 ROE #11 Dr. Vicki Riggen vriggen@chrisman.k12.il.us
TE Area 4 ROE #17 Diane Wolf dwolf@roe17.org
TE Area 4 ROE #17 Debra Honegger dhonegger@roe17.org
TE Area 4 ROE #32 Jennifer Edmonds jenniferedmonds@ymail.com
TE Area 4 ROE #32 Ron Oloffson oloffsonr1@gmail.com
TE Area 4 ROE #39 Jill Reedy jreedy@roe39.k12.il.us
TE Area 4 ROE #39 Dr. Nancy Brodeck nanbrodbeck@gmail.com
TE Area 4 ROE #9-54 Nancy Clinton
TE Area 5 ROE #3 Michelle Beck beckc@u40gw.effingham.k12.il.us
TE Area 5 ROE #3 Jennifer Seachrist seachris@u40gw.effingham.k12.il.us
TE Area 5 ROE #3 Brandi Bruley bbruley@tcusd3.org
TE Area 5 ROE #41 Marvin Warner mwarner@roe41.org
TE Area 5 ROE#45 Jessica Rahn jrahn@sparta.k12.il.us
TE Area 5 ROE#45 Karyn Albers kalbers@cvillecusd1.org
TE Area 5 ROE #45/50 Deb Greaney dgreaney@roe45.org
TE Area 5 ROE#45 Teena Riechmann triechmann@valmeyerk12.org
TE Area 5 ROE#45 Missy Biethman mbiethman@sparta.k12.il.us
TE Area 5 ROE#45 Mary Ann Quivey  mquivey@roe45.org
TE Area 5 ROE#45 Chelsea Wesselmann cwesselmann@roe45.org
TE Area 5 ROE #50 Sue Hoffmann shoffmann@stclair.k12.il.us
TE Area 6 ROE #12 Susanne Hahn swhahn1@gmail.com
TE Area 6 ROE #13 Annie Gray graya501@gmail.com
TE Area 6 ROE #13 Matt Dannaman mwdannaman@yahoo.com
TE Area 6 ROE #20 Covered by ROE #21
TE Area 6 ROE #21 Kristin Ing king@ewinggradeschool.org
TE Area 6 ROE #21 Dr. Kelly Stewart kellydeestewart@gmail.com
TE Area 6 ROE #30 Dr. Lori James Gross ljgross@up140.org
TE Area 6 ROE #30 Maria Deaton mdeaton@up140.org

This program is fully (100%) funded with federal grant dollars.

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