Balanced Assessment

Balanced Assessment Foundational Services provides educators with knowledge and resources in their quest to support student achievement through balanced assessments. With the Illinois Learning Standards as a foundation, supportive workshops and networking will provide schools with an understanding of PARCC and the PARCC Resource Center as well as examining current school assessment practices that inform instruction and measure student progress.

Foundational-Services Overview (with notes)  (optional)

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Informational Sheet for Balanced Assessment

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The purpose of Networking for Implementation sessions is to provide participants an opportunity for deeper discussion around shared experiences and expertise for the purpose of implementing approved content in the approved Foundational Services areas.  The Networking for Implementation opportunities are based on specific objectives as determined by identified needs for further implementation discussions and/or exploration of the resources along with sharing.

Networking for Implementation sessions may include one or all of the following objectives for participants within a focus topic:

  • Examine a focus topic in depth to support implementation
  • Share impacts, successes, and lessons learned related to the implementation of the focus topic by facilitator(s) and participants
  • Ask and collaboratively address questions and challenges related to the implementation of the focus topic

Networking for Implementation Guidance Document and Facilitator Considerations

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Materials for ISBE Balanced Assessment training through Foundational Services

  • State Assessments in a Balanced Assessment Framework (Networking for Implementation offering)
    •  All assessments administered in schools should influence instruction and lead to student achievement. This Networking for Implementation opportunity outlines the purposes of PARCC Assessment, as well as accompanying Score Reports. This training will share resources for keeping up-to-date on information related to PARCC and SAT (as more information becomes available). A myriad of PARCC resources will be discussed to help educators understand how this assessment can influence their teaching and student learning. Participants are encouraged to identify their needs prior to this Networking for Implementation opportunity so facilitators may plan accordingly.
    • Pre-Post Assessment for State Assessments in a Balanced Assessment System
    • PARCC Score Report and Wrapper Information Presentation  
      • Materials for PARCC Score Report and Score Wrapper 
      • The ppt and all related materials (handouts, facilitator resources, etc.) are located on the link above, which is on blendspace; blendspace is a free on-line tool and you have all the capabilities to utilize these materials and download at your convenience. If you want to create a free account, you may, but it is not necessary to access any of these materials.
    • FAQ PARCC Reports — Evidence Statement Analysis and Content Standard Roster Reports
  • Classroom Assessments in a Balanced Assessment Framework: (Full day of training)
    • In a balanced assessment framework all assessments have a place in the school setting. In this information rich module, the foundations, uses and quality of classroom assessments will be explored and discussed. Teachers will leave having a vision of their own assessment literacy and how it fits within a balanced assessment framework.

Additional Resources

  • ISBE’s Balanced Assessment Website  — go to this website for all the latest news on PARCC, the Assessment Inventory Tool, Assessment Literacy including sample classroom assessments, and information on measuring student growth.  Want the latest information from ISBE on PARCC and assessments?  Sign up for their listserv by sending a blank e-mail to a blank email to with the word “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject line from the email account you want to receive these listserv messages.  Archived messages and information can be found here


Foundational Services BA Core Planning Team
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BA CORE – lead FA Diane Betts
BA CORE – ISBE Linda Vernon
BA CORE – Content Laura Beltchenko
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BA CORE Suzy Dees


This program is fully (100%) funded with federal grant dollars