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#11998 Initial Evaluator Training ISBE #2001

This Administrator’s Academy is designed for individuals who are seeking initial training qualification for teacher evaluation. Those interested in becoming legally qualified to conduct evaluations of certified personnel must successfully complete this Administrator’s Academy. (This Administrator’s Academy replaces the former modules provided through Growth through Learning.) The real-time process that […]

#11995 Compliance an Administrator’s Guide to the Fundamentals of Health, Life, Safety

The primary goal is to involve administrative, architectural, and facility leaders in a day of receiving common guidance/understanding, and collaboration surrounding the topics involved. The purpose of this course will be to provide administrators with an in depth overview of the topics related to the Health Life Safety and Compliance […]

AA #2001 ONLINE ACADEMY: Teacher Evaluator Initial Training

This two-day ONLINE academy is for educators who are seeking initial training to be legally qualified to conduct evaluations of licensed personnel. The training aligns to the Illinois School Code competencies defined by Administrative Code Part 50, Section 50.420 (a-b). This is a 2-day online evaluator academy held 8:00 AM […]

Establishing and Enhancing Good School Climate (AA-1923)

The development of stakeholder/leader relationships will be studied.  Administrator’s roles will be defined and participants will practice and be prepared to implement important strategies.  Participants’ climate/culture as it relates to academies will be pre and post assessed modeling the improvement they can expect in the field.  Upon the conclusion of […]

AA #1865 – Principal Evaluator Competency Skill Building for Pre-Qualified Principal Evaluators

THIS IS ONE OF THE COURSES THAT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL ADMINISTRATORS WHO EVALUATE PRINCIPALS. All administrators who evaluate principals are required to take retraining within their 5 year renewal cycle in TWO specifically approved Administrators’ Academies. AA # 3000, 3001, 3002 – Principal/Teacher Evaluator Retraining: Student Growth AND AA […]

AA #3000/3001/3002 – Principal/Teacher Evaluation Retraining: Student Growth

STUDENT GROWTH ACADEMY – Required for both Teacher and Principal Evaluators. This is the REQUIRED student growth RETRAINING course for principal and teacher evaluators who are renewing their designations required to evaluate staff. Evaluators will be required to participate in a pre-session webinar that will review Part 50 Administrative Rules […]

A.A. #1801 Gathering Evidence During Observations and Conferencing Using the Danielson Model

This course will allow participants to learn effective skills and strategies for using Charlotte Danielson’s Frameworks in a summative setting in order to more effectively: 1. Identify evidence at the component/element level during formal and informal observations; 2. Use evidence to effectively rate staff on the levels of performance for […]

#11996 Principal Evaluator Competency Skill Building for Pre‐Qualified Principal Evaluators ISBE #1865

This Administrator’s Academy fulfills the State Professional Practice for Principal Evaluator. The Administrative Academy seeks to improve interrater reliability in the assignment of performance evaluation ratings for principals. Using case studies, participants will collect evidence and use the Illinois Standards for Principal Evaluation to evaluate and rate principal performance. Participants […]

A.A.#2001 Teacher Evaluator Initial Training- Illinois Performance Evaluation (Day 2)

This two-day Academy is designed for individuals who are seeking the Initial Training Qualification for Teacher Evaluation. All new teacher evaluators in Illinois will need to pass AA #2001 on the topic of Initial Teacher Evaluation training. This training replaces the existing initial teacher evaluation training provided through Growth Through […]