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#12022 Visual Phonics! See the Sound/Visual Phonics: An Essential Tool for Connecting Sound & Print

See the Sound Visual Phonics (STS/VP) is a multisensory system that represents the sounds of English in a concrete and visible way, providing a multi-modal means for students to map sound-to-print. Foundational literacy skills, inclusive of the Alphabetic Principle, phonological awareness, and phonemic awareness skills are necessary for success in […]

#11942 Prequalification Training for Teacher Evaluators ISBE #4001

Through a face-to-face training experience that includes multiple opportunities for prospective evaluators to practice evaluator competencies, including an improved component on providing effective feedback to teachers through conferencing, trainees will learn the ins and outs of Professional Practice and Student Growth evaluation. There is a requirement of two to four […]

#11978 Ignite Creativity in the Classroom! via ZOOM

Unlock the creative potential of the Chromebook and move beyond using the device for word processing, productivity, and organization. The session will explore the creative potential of the Chromebook to give your students the ability to craft amazing multimedia masterpieces! Participants will explore various apps, web tools and extensions available […]