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#12229 Instructional Coaching Networking – Social Studies and Science Focus

Join me for an opportunity to share, reflect and learn from others. Please join us for this professional development workshop that will allow area instructional coaches time to learn and discuss successful practices with peers. During this collaborative time, we will share and reflect on Social Studies and Science instruction. […]

#12175 Remote Learning for Paraprofessionals- Online Workshop

This online workshop will teach best practices for supporting teachers with remote learning. Paraprofessionals will learn strategies for helping teachers make the virtual classroom engaging, responsive, and inclusive. Come learn what resources are available to help hone your remote learning skills! This workshop is 3 hours of ZOOM and 3 […]

#12232 Increasing Academic Rigor by Prioritizing SEL

While many schools have implemented Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and curricula, teachers often struggle to make SEL connections during academic classes. Many teachers feel that an emphasis on SEL takes away from valuable class time and lowers expectations of academic rigor in the classroom.   However, nothing could be further […]

#12236 Effective use of Summative and Formative Assessments in Every Classroom

Assessments are essential components of the learning process. Both summative and formative assessments are needed in order to assure a positive outcome to our students’ learning process. When used effectively, assessments are a key ingredient to providing meaningful instruction to all students. Come spend the day and learn how to […]

#12232 Math Interventions: Making the Most of Every Minute

How can schools support and challenge EVERY student in their mathematical journey? What lessons have we learned about intervention strategies over the past decade? What are the most common mistakes that schools make with respect to interventions and what high-impact alternatives are there as we provide intervention support for students? […]