2020 Educator Shortage

The Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools (IARSS) is proud to bring you our 2020 Illinois Educator Shortage Study and associated materials.

For several years, we have partnered with Goshen Education Consulting and higher education experts to survey schools across the state about the shortage of educators and to report our findings. This year, we have enhanced and expanded our report.

We have worked with Goshen to build this exciting online dashboard allowing users to dig deep into our Fall 2020 survey results. Please watch this video for a quick explanation of how to use the dashboard.

Access our Media Materials supporting the March 1 release of the report: news release, fact sheets, and social media content.

Watch IPA Talk with Dr Mark Klaisner and Dr. Jason Leahy discuss the Educator Shortage

Our recent Educator Shortage reports:




White Papers

2020 – Is the Educator Shortage Worse? (pdf)

2020 – Which Educator Positions are Most Difficult to Fill? (pdf)

2020 – Which District Characteristics Influence Educator Staffing? (pdf)

2020 – Policy Recommendations (pdf)

Educator Shortage Podcasts

In a follow up to the rollout of the 2020 IARSS Educator Shortage Survey, IARSS President Mark Klaisner recently met in Springfield with members of the group’s committee that helped put this year’s report and policy recommendations together. Here are their podcast conversations about this year’s work.

IARSS Podcast with John Meixner, ROE 26 Regional Superintendent
IARSS Podcast with Ron Daniels and Jodi Scott, ROE 13 and 33 Regional Superintendents


Illinois legislature is paying attention to the educator shortage. Below are bills that were passed in Spring and Summer 2021 related to the educator shortage.

SB1989, sponsored by Sen Patrick Joyce (D-Essex), amends the Downstate Teacher Article of Illinois Pension Code regarding number of hours a retired teacher may work without impairing retirement status

SB 662, sponsored by Sen Gillespie and Fine, awards scholarships for Master of Social Work Educator License

HB2569, sponsored by Sen Windhorst, incorporated changes to TRS to allow retired teachers to return to classrooms

HB597 – Student Suicide Prevention

SB1646 – Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) Private School Credit and 6 percent summer school exemption

HB3474 – Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) Board of Trustees

HB816 – Parental leave

SB2800 – Increased education funding and full pension payment

HB12 – Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) coverage for education support staff

SB814 – Induction and Mentoring Program

News Articles

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact IARSS Educator Shortage Committee Chair John Meixner at [email protected], or Goshen Education Consulting’s Tom Withee at [email protected].