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Trainer for Administrators’ Academy #1720: Assessment Literacy for Administrators, April 26, 9:30 to 12:00, using a conference call format. Each participant who completes this training will be registered with ISBE as an A.A. #1720 Trainer. The academy is a practical class on assessment that will help administrators:

  • Gain awareness about research regarding classroom assessments
  • Review PERA legislation
  • Understand process from standard to student assessment
  • Learn key ingredients to evaluating classroom assessments
  • Investigate feedback
  • Create a professional development plan centering on assessment

Assessment Literacy, Phase 5, April 12, Room 323, ROE 17, Bloomington   How do we interpret and use data?  How is data organized and managed?  Participants will learn strategies for organizing data. Participants will develop a deep understanding of the SLO process by applying it to their chosen content area assessment system. Register

Assessment Literacy, Phase 6, May 9, Room 323, ROE 17, Bloomington  This phase explores the use of formative and summative assessment strategies in the design of coherent, standards-based instructional pathways at the district, building, and classroom level.  Participants will investigate planning methods and instructional strategies.  They will discuss student engagement techniques and relate them back to the formative assessment framework discussed in previous phases. Register