IARSS Professional Learning Enterprise

Targeted-School Improvement Planning (T-SIP)

The three ISCs have collaborated to create tools, resources and training to assist schools identified as Targeted (also known as Underperforming) under IL-EMPOWER.  They piloted the training, process, and materials with twelve schools in seven districts across the ISCs and received great feedback and requests for further supports.

The ISCs are excited to be able to share the Targeted School Improvement Planning process (T-SIP) with all IARSS members through three one-day offerings (North, Central, and South) for a fee of $1,000 per office to attend. T-SIP is designed to help schools increase equity and meet all ESSA requirements. The $1000 fee allows each ROE to register as many people as they would like to be trained in this process and gain access to all materials and on-going networking opportunities as we all work with our Targeted schools throughout the state. Offices are welcome to register for the training most convenient for them.

The IARSS Professional Learning Committee supports the ISCs’ efforts to share the opportunity to learn and implement the T-SIP process with IARSS members.

Please see the flier below for registration information.

T-SIP website: https://www.tsipillinois.org/

Information about train the trainer sessions: https://www.tsipillinois.org/train-the-trainer

“About T-SIP” video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7Dnm0kQTho

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