AA #2000 Illinois Performance Evaluation – Principal Eval Training for Pre-Qualified Principal Evaluator


This 2-day course will cover all aspects of principal evaluations, including professional practice and student growth data. AA #2000 requires pre-work to be completed prior to the first day the course meets. Participants must attend both days of the course and complete the required Application for Dissemination for each day to receive credit for AA […]

AA #2001 – Illinois Performance Evaluation – Teacher Evaluation Training


This two-day academy is designed for individuals who are seeking initial training qualifications for teacher evaluation. This academy aligns with the competencies for Part 50, Section 50.420 (a-b). **Day 2 includes the training assessment which may extend past the 3:30 session end time. Registration is limited to 25 participants only Participants MUST attend both days. […]