Sherri Snider

Education Instructor, Olney Central College

Presenter Biography

Dr. Sherri Snider is an education instructor at Olney Central College in Olney, Illinois teaching transfer-level courses to prospective teachers. Dr. Snider recently retired from Richland County CUSD #1 in Olney, Illinois where her last position was consultative teacher. In that position, she specialized in district improvement initiatives including district accreditation; mentoring & induction; professional development; curriculum design, alignment & implementation; assessment to measure student growth; teacher evaluation; MTSS implementation; and data analysis. During that time, Dr. Snider served as a mathematics instructional coach for ISBE and as a Race to the Top coach for two school districts. Dr. Snider spent many years as a classroom teacher in both private and public school settings. Dr. Snider is a trained AdvancED Engagement Review team leader and has served on numerous teams as team leader, associate team leader, or team member. Dr. Snider earned a B.S. in education from Eastern Illinois University, an M.S. in instructional technology from Southern Illinois University, a Ph.D. in teacher leadership from Southern Illinois University, and administrator certification from Eastern Illinois University.

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