Shay McCorkle

Director of Educational Services, Lake County Regional Office of Education

Presenter Biography

Shay McCorkle is the new Director of Educational Services at Lake County ROE #34. Previously, Shay was the ELA, Social Studies, Science and Assessment Coordinator since 2007. She is one of the Illinois representatives for IAR/ PARCC. She is also the Lake County ROE trainer for the Teacher/Principal Initial Evaluator Certification classes and all the Teacher/Principal Evaluator Retraining Academies. She has supported countless districts in Lake County and around the state with curriculum development, balanced assessment, reading/writing assessments & instruction, administrator academy deliveries, and PARCC data analysis. Shay has a Master’s of Arts in Educational Leadership with a Type 75 endorsement. Shay lives in Wauconda with her husband and two teenage children.

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Shay McCorkle
Lake ROE 34