Michelle (Shelly) King

Learning/Behavior Specialist, Highland Middle School

Presenter Biography

Shelly was born and raised in Southern Illinois and is a graduate of Triad High School, which was then located in St Jacob IL; now located in Troy IL. She earned her bachelors degree from Wichita State University in Wichita KS, her first Masters in Sociology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and her second Masters in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado. She has worked as Director of Student Activities at Jefferson College in Hillsboro MO, a corporate trainer in the St Louis Metro Area, an adjunct instructor for Jefferson College, Southwestern Illinois College, and SUI-C, and a Special Education teacher for grades K-12 in inclusive environments as well as self-contained classrooms with students whose needs range from mild resource support to life skills instruction for those with significant needs. She has raised her two children, both of whom have learning differences, and is proud to say both have learned to use what many label as disabilities as simply differences that help them understand the world in unique and interesting ways. Her oldest daughter is a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Nursing and is employed as an ER Nurse in the BJC System in St Louis. Her youngest daughter is a recent graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles California and is working as a costume designer for Fox Studios in Los Angeles. After many years of traveling and feeling the bite of the homesick bug, Shelly moved back home in 2016, hoping to share what she has learned with those she refers to as, “My People.” She is currently living in Marine IL with her Fiance, enjoying camping, gardening, experiencing the great outdoors, and visiting with family and friends.

Additional Qualifications

Wilson Reading Trained and in the process of becoming a Certified Dyslexia Therapist through Wilson Reading System, with four years experience using Wilson, structured literacy, methods in the classroom Advanced training in Restorative Justice with 11 years experience using RJ in the classroom Currently developing a new ABA based, Life Skills focused, Autism Classroom at Highland Middle School Recognized for Project Based Learning practices Five years experience as a Professional Development/Adult Education Presenter MA in Special Education and MA in Sociology with an emphasis on Family Culture and Child Rearing

ROE/ISC Contact

Dave Elson
Madison ROE 41