Kevin Jones

Restorative Practice Trainer/Coach/Coach, Regional Office of Education

Presenter Biography

Kevin Jones, a recently retired lead administrator at the Regional Alternative School in Bloomington, Illinois has spent more than 34 years working in the fields of social services, mental health and education philosophy, with particular emphasis on working with at-risk youth and their families as a practitioner and administrator. He has been professionally trained in a number of behavior management strategies, including Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Trust-Based Relational Intervention and restorative practices. He serves on the boards of The United Way-Community Engagement, Project OZ and Illinois Balanced Restorative Justice Project (IBARJ). Mr. Jones also works for The Baby Fold as a Respite Camp Supervisor providing services and supports for traumatized children ages 5 to 16. He has provided restorative practices training and support for schools and organizations, primarily through his work for the Regional Office of Education in Central Illinois.

Additional Qualifications

Continuing Education Instructor-International Institute of Restorative Practices Licensed TOT Restorative Practice-International Institute for Restorative Practices Licensed TOT Restorative Justice-International Institute for Restorative Practices NTI Child Welfare Supervisor-University of Maryland Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teachin

ROE/ISC Contact

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