Kathleen Creely

Service Provider, North Cook ISC

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Kathleen Creely served as a principal of three elementary schools in suburban Chicago for 19 years. She has been responsible for the implementation and development of a variety of curricular innovations, including a district wide dual language program, a middle school advisory program, and an elementary gifted education program. She has 13 years of experience as a teacher at the elementary and middle school levels and as a gifted resource teacher and coordinator.
Mrs. Creely is currently a Principal Mentor and Service Provider for the North Cook Intermediate Service Center. Kathy served as a mentor and leadership coach for the Association of Illinois Middle Schools, working with Chicago Public Schools within the School Transformation Network i (3) Grant. She provides leadership coaching and training, facilitates administrator-staff relationships, contributes to positive growth in schools, and has the ability to translate theory into practice.
Mrs. Creely’s strong leadership, vision, and passion for academic achievement have served children well. Her schools have received Those Who Excel awards from the State Board of Education for Quality Improvement Team work. She was a leader in her school district’s efforts to incorporate Civil Behavior as a foundational value in every aspect of school life.
Kathy has an Educational Specialist’s degree in Educational Administration from Northern Illinois University and two Master’s degrees in Reading and Educational Administration from Northeastern Illinois University. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern with a dual certification in Elementary Education and Physical Education. She has endorsements in science, health and gifted education.

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