Frank Petkunas

Assistant Regional Superintendent, I-KAN ROE 32

Presenter Biography

Frank has been the Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools at the I-KAN ROE since July of 2012. Prior to that, Frank taught High School Science at Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School and worked as Science Department Chair. He was involved in many curriculum projects including Standards Aligned Classroom and Flipped Classroom. At I-KAN, Frank has spent much of his time working to help the office with transforming their professional development department from a grant driven model to a cost recovery model so that the office can provide high quality professional development to the region in a self sustaining manner. He has worked with the IARSS Professional Learning Committee as co-chair to facilitate the various offerings and services that the committee provides across the state to its members. Frank also worked on the Illinois State Science Standards Adoption Committee to help Illinois adopt new science standards based on the Next Generation Science Standards.

Additional Qualifications

ROE/ISC Contact

Frank Petkunas
[email protected]
Iroquois/Kankakee ROE 32