Anne M Ingersoll

Educational Consultant, College Bound Associates LLC

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Anne Ingersoll has a Masters of Arts in Education and is an educational consultant, yoga instructor, and Breathe For Change Wellness Champion. With a heart for encouraging teachers and students alike, Anne empowers educators to observe, connect, and transform their own lives, classrooms, and school communities.

Anne completed her 200-hour yoga and wellness training program called Breathe For Change (B4C). B4C works with educators and schools to help transform the way we teach and in my opinion, will change the way our education system functions as we know it today. The reason Anne attended this training was for a couple of reasons. In recent years she has seen an increase in anxiety among her students. From someone who struggled with anxiety as a high schooler (and still do at times as an adult), she felt compelled to do more, learn more. So after some research, Anne landed on the website for Breathe For Change.

Anxiety is impacting our student’s ability to move through life and also the way they learn. Anne’s students are struggling to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time. A majority of her clients claim to have “test anxiety”. While she understands that to be a real issue, she has also learned ways to manage such challenges. One of those is our breath. In addition to sharing some basic techniques with her clients, she also offers professional development training for educators, social workers, school administrators, school counselors, school nurses, pre-service teachers, health practitioners, college students (Really, she can tailor this training for just about anyone!) which includes social-emotional learning components. Anne’s presentations are interactive and offer many easy to implement tools for finding calm in the midst of the storm.

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