Amy Jo Clemens

Director, Center for P-20 Engagement, Division of Outreach, Engagement, and Regional Development

Presenter Biography

Amy Jo coordinates projects spanning cradle to career as the Director of the Center for P20 Engagement. She leads a highly accomplished, enthusiastic, committed staff in grants, projects and activities that address and research STEM shortages along with improving high school to college transition. Within the P20 Center, NIU STEAM is comprised of several distinct yet related programs for P-20 learners. Each takes a different approach to STEAM learning and exploration by focusing on different outcomes even though the content catalysts such as problem based learning, career connections, growth mindset and communication remain consistent throughout. This results in a continuum of high-quality, research-based STEAM programming that can be differentiated to meet the individual needs of schools and communities. Whether enjoying a STEM Outreach demonstration show, a STEAMing IT Up! workshop or a STEM Read field trip, learners of all ages expand their excitement, curiosity, skills and abilities in STEM/STEAM.

Additional Qualifications

NIU STEAM is a team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic, trained staff. More information can be found here

ROE/ISC Contact

Melissa Irick
DeKalb ROE 16