Abby Lyons

SEL Interventionist & Coach, Unit 5

Presenter Biography

Abby Lyons is currently the Social Emotional Learning Interventionist and Coach for McLean County Unit 5. In this role Abby works with two elementary buildings in Phase 1 of a Social Emotional Learning Pilot by modeling and coaching teachers in explicit and integrated SEL strategies for the general education classroom setting. Abby’s experience in mindfulness instruction informs the practical strategies for SEL in the classroom setting; in other words, when students are regulated (after breathing and moving), SEL skills and competencies can be taught. In addition to classroom modeling, Abby works with administrators to plan faculty meetings and SIP days to build staff capacity and expertise in SEL. In December, Abby completed a K-5 CORE SEL Curriculum for Unit 5. This curriculum is now being implemented in the two pilot buildings through extensive coaching relationships with 30 teachers.

Additional Qualifications

M.Ed. Transformative Education B.A. Early Childhood Education Teaching English Language Learners (TELLs) Certificate 200 (+15) Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

ROE/ISC Contact

Carmen Bergmann
[email protected]
DeWitt/Livingstn/Logan/McLean ROE 17