Gifted Education Seminar

Illinois State Board of Education has a Gifted Education Teacher endorsement.

Here are the Illinois State Board of Education rules on the new Gifted Education Teacher endorsement

*Those who wish to obtain the gifted education endorsement must take 24 graduate credit hours in education and pass the state test. The Gifted Education Seminar is not part of the requirement.

Gifted Education Seminar is Professional Development for Classroom Teachers:

Illinois State Board of Education funded the development of the Gifted Education Seminar (GES). ROEs/ISCs are here to help!  We offer the GES. The goal of this computer assisted introductory class is to help classroom teachers understand giftedness and how to guide bright, talented learners to become self-actualized, productive citizens in our global society. The training includes 2 textbooks and the use of a USB flash drive. Participants must be able to use a computer with ease, know how to access and work with a flash drive, save documents, and email documents as attachments.

Gifted Education Seminar

For more information, contact Marci Johnson by email or by phone 217-524-4832.