Gifted Education Seminar

The Gifted Education Seminar presents a comprehensive overview of gifted education. Framed by an overview and conclusion, the course examines five major areas over 45 hours of instruction: characteristics of diverse gifted learners; perspectives on giftedness; identification instruments and procedures; social and emotional needs of gifted and talented students; differentiated instruction and flexible grouping; and curriculum models. Emphasis is placed on practical application of theoretical principles, and inclusion of underrepresented populations is continually addressed.

State-certified instructors review foundational concepts and advance the educator’s ability to understand the characteristics of gifted learnings and implement differentiation strategies to address the educational needs of diverse gifted populations. Contained in an electronic USB drive, the seminar promotes personal reflection and small and large group interaction, and also permits further study according to individual interest and pace.

The Gifted Education Seminar is appropriate for all educators. The goal of the Illinois State Board of Education is to make this course available to every educator throughout the state.

The course may be provided in three formats:

  • 36 hours face-to-face instruction plus 9 hours DVD instruction with assignments through independent study
    • 24 hours face-to-face plus 21 hours of DVD instruction and assignments
    • 15 hours face-to-face plus 30 hours of DVD instruction and assignments

The face-to-face instruction combines direct instruction, participant engagement through various flexible grouping strategies, and use of DVD instruction for independent work. The focus is on major concepts in gifted education, concrete practice, explicit connections to the classroom, and development of action plans.

The use USB FlashDrive instruction for independent study is a unique feature of the Gifted Education Seminar. Multiple delivery formats allow for comprehensive professional development with limited interruption to classroom instruction. The course design team recognized the administrative complexities of providing professional development, and teacher reluctance to be absent from the classroom for 45 hours during the school year. The DVD instruction provides flexibility to deliver the course in the formats previously described.

The GES FlashDrive does NOT work on IPads or Chromebooks. The use of a PC or Mac is mandatory to take the course.



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