#11604 Flexible Seating

June 25, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 11:30 am
Bureau, Henry, Stark ROE #28
107 S State St
Atkinson, IL 61235
Kathy Martins

Have you been thinking about using flexible seating but just aren’t quite sure where to start?  In this workshop, we will share our answers to all of the “But what about…” questions that might be keeping you from taking the plunge with alternative seating. A flexible seating classroom is one in which traditional seating is replaced with seating arrangements that promote student choice. Participants will learn how to create student-centered collaborative spaces that will transform their classroom environment.  This workshop will include how to implement seating at varying levels, whether you’re interested in a gradual transition or a complete classroom overhaul.  There will also be ideas, practices, and visual representation examples at both the primary and upper elementary levels.  You can make this work with any budget!


Audience is K-12 Teachers and Administrators.

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