#11545 See the Sound/Visual Phonics: Applications for Speech & Language Services

January 30, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
Bureau, Henry, Stark ROE #28
107 S State St
Atkinson, IL 61235
Kathy Martins

See the Sound Visual Phonics (STS/VP) is a multisensory system that represents the sounds of English in a concrete and visible way, providing a multi-modal means for the SLP (Speech Language Pathologists) to bring awareness of both error and targeted speech sounds. The visual/kinesthetic cues provided by STS/VP hand shapes facilitate the change process necessary for fading of phonological processes and the improvement of articulation skills. STS/VP is also an effective tool for helping students with speech disorders to develop/modify speech sound productions and auditory discrimination skills, beginning as early as age 3.

ST/VP also has utility in language therapy for word endings, pronouns, irregular plural/past tense and word retrieval. In the area of literacy, STS/VP aligns well with brain-based learning & instruction, and has proven to be an effective method for establishing the Alphabetic Principle and teaching phonological, phonemic and phonics skills necessary for success in reading, spelling & writing. Since STS/VP is a strategy (not a program), it is an integral component of differentiated instruction and can be used as both universal and targeted interventions with the RTI process.

Participants will learn the STS/VP system and appropriate uses of STS/VP with students in various settings and varying needs. Direct application and implementation for instructional practices for RTI and Common Core will be discussed.

Audience is Speech Language Pathologists.

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