#11368 Foundational Services: Phase 2 – The Tools Needed to Bring NGSS to the Classroom

April 25, 2017 @ 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Bureau, Henry, Stark ROE #28
107 S State St
Atkinson, IL 61235
$15.00 to cover the cost of food
Kathy Martins

Phase 2: The Tools Needed to Bring NGSS to the Classroom

This Phase 2 training will focus on bringing three-dimensional learning to the classroom.  In order to do this, participants will utilize a lesson to both examine three-dimensional learning and the key shifts required to bring NGSS to the classroom.  Participants will learn how to utilize phenomenon to drive instruction, “unpack” the Disciplinary Core Ideas to determine the content of our lessons, utilize the Crosscutting Concepts as a lens for students to make sense of the science, and engage students in the Scientific and Engineering Practices to study phenomenon.  While participants will focus on one performance expectation, the process will be applicable to all performance expectations. Participants should have knowledge about NGSS and three-dimensional learning before attending this training. Attendance at Phase 1 or other introductory NGSS session is recommended prior to this session.


Audience is K-12 Science Teachers and Administrators.

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